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Words Your Kid Should Know for the Holidays

December 18, 2012

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Was the night before Christmas, and all through my house, not a teacher was mixing, not even the mouse,” said with confidence by a six year old in AVT.     Mixing – stirring…..same thing.  Teacher – Creature….not quite!

GIFT GIVING WORDS Presents, gifts, ribbon, bow, gift bag, tissue paper, tape, double sided tape, tape dispenser, cards, tags, generous, Thank you, for me?, I like it (even if you don’t), surprise!

CHRISTMAS WORDS:  Celebration, December, tree, artificial tree, assemble, ornaments, garland, tinsel,  lights, colored/blinking/flashing lights, tree skirt, star, angel, electric candles, christmas cookies, Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, Stockings, stocking stuffers, coal, decorations, holly, jingle bells, midnight, wishes

CHRISTMAS FOOD WORDS:  Cookies, carrots, milk, eggnog, cranberry sauce, feast, festival, fruitcake, goose, gravy, greens, ham, gingerbread, Guests, figgy pudding, sugar plums

SANTA WORDS:  Ho-ho-ho!, Santa, Mrs, Claus, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Papa Noel, Reindeer, Rudolph, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Dancer, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, hooves, elves, North Pole, sleigh, sack, sleigh bells, roof top, chimney, beard

DESCRIBING WORDS:  Awe, beautiful, Aroma, bright, lovely, cozy, freezing, glowing, glistening, homemade, jingling, jolly, merry, naughty, decorative, frosty

NATIVITY WORDS:  Manger, Stable, Inn, trough, Three Wise Men, shepherds, sheep, donkey, Mary, Joseph, the babe, infant, Christ Child, Emmanuel, Savior, Jesus, Angel, Gold, Frankinscense, Myrrh, camels, Advent, Faith, worship

HANUKKAH WORDS:  Dreidel, (nun, hey, gimmel, shin), Maccabees, menorah, Star of David, synagogue, Temple, oil, Faith, 7 days, 8 nights (counting), fire, candles, wax, gifts, presents, small presents, big presents., Latke, kugle.

NEW YEARS WORDS:  Resolution, priorities, count down, ball drop, times square, confetti, noise makers, party hats, “turn a new leaf,” “fresh start”

And if you know any Kwanza words….please add them in the comment field.

Happy Holidays!


The Climb….for AVT Moms and Dads

February 16, 2012

“I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there’s a voice inside my head saying
“You’ll never reach it”  ~ The Climb, sung by Miley Cyrus…..that’s right…..Miley Cyrus.

When you have a child with hearing loss, you are constantly looking for results….looking for a sign that “she heard that,”  “he got that,”  “she said that!”  Before a child learns to talk, they require a great deal of listening.  A baby with normal hearing will have to take 12 months to listen before they begin to talk.  So when your baby gets the hearing aids, and you are doing all the activities you’re supposed to, and you’re applying all the right strategies, and you’re going to all the appointments….. you just want them to catch up quick!  In the midst of all the doing is what seems like a vast wasteland of waiting.  Waiting for that first sign that he or she was listening, that first word, that first two-word combination can be the most difficult part of parenting during the AVT process.

What is it that YOU are waiting for?  Waiting for her to sing her first song?  Waiting for him to play with a toy appropriately?  Waiting for her to stop screaming every time you take her to the grocery store?  Waiting for him to finally hit the ball when he’s at bat?  Waiting for her to express herself in a natural, conversational way? 

I think there is some element of fear that can lurk deep inside while you wait for whatever it is you’re waiting for.  Fear that it just might not happen.   There may be times where you feel guilty for even hoping that he or she will get it.  Am I even supposed to have hopes this high?  

In AVT, we make each session diagnostic in some way.  Each session, I am keeping track of what the child is doing, and if s/he has met a goal.  AVT moms and dads also learn how to keep track of their goals and always know what they are aiming toward.  The catch is that there is some waiting required while you are doing all the AVT stuff you’ve become so good at.  But the encouraging part of AVT is that we check off all the small goals the child has met along the way, and celebrate each one.  The waiting is filled with small victories.   And before you know it…’re there.

Personally, I find the “waiting” periods in my life to be the most challenging.  Looking back on my life, it seems as though it’s what you do with the waiting that really matters.

It makes me think of Noah.  You know…the guy with the humongous boat?  Now this is a guy who waiting well.  God told Noah there would be a flood and that he should build an ark.  Noah had faith and did what God had told him to….and he built an ark. Some say that it took Noah 98 YEARS to build the ark. But he stuck it out, and he waited well. He continued to build the gigantic ark, believing there was a reason.  We all know how it ended.  Two by two the animals were saved along with Noah and his family.

In AVT – we keep on building….. believing there is a reason.

Many parents say that they experience some measure of peace by reminding themselves that, “I’m still holding onto that gigantic hope, but the moment I’m in right now is pretty darn good too.”  Engage in the activities with your child…pause…..breathe……enjoy where you are, be in the moment.    Humbly be in the moment.  These are the days, pictures, memories that you will look back on and smile.

Its all part of the creation of your life’s BEST work – your child and the journey.

Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2012

Did you know that St. Valentine was actually a Roman martyr in like  200 AD?  Well – I guess his story is up for debate, but we get to commemorate his name every year on February 14th.  How does your family celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I just love a holiday about love…..and really anything that can involve red, pink, hearts and glitter!

Valentine’s vocab:  Hearts, red, pink, doilies, love, friends, cards, envelopes, stamps, seal, candy, flowers, etc.

Valentine’s concepts:  exchange cards,  swap cards, collect cards, friendship, friendly acquaintances vs. close friends, love vs friendship, rhymes and silly sentences on V-day cards, etc.

Listening Practice:  Put emphasis on one word to change the meaning.  “Special Valentine,” to denote that this is a valentine for a crush.  Or just “special valentine” to denote that this is a Valentine that seems fancier than the rest.

Here is a Valentine’s download if you want to practice at home:

It’s always a good idea to prep your child as to what they might expect in school on Valentine’s Day.  No matter if they are in preschool or in highschool – it’s ALWAYS a good time to talk about friendships.  Having conversations with your child about how to be a good friend are lessons in developing good character.  And, as always, when we address issues around “character” with our children, it’s inevitable that we end up looking into our own character!  How did I treat that lady at the bank yesterday?  Have I checked in with my friend to see how she is doing lately?   Ugh.  *sigh* Who knew it would take a Valentine’s Day AVT session to make me apologize to the bank teller for being so curt yesterday! ….Or to send my best friend a Valentine’s Day card just to encourage her.

Questions to spark conversation with your child:

  • What do you think it takes to be a good friend?
  • Have there been times where you felt like someone could have been a better friend to you?  Oh wow – how did you respond?
  • If other kids in school have close friends, why do you think they are friends in the first place?
  • I think you have lots of qualities that people might like….what do you think those qualities are?  
  • Have I told you how much I love you today?  Well I do!