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Violent Video Games linked to Aggressive Behavior

August 14, 2009

Kids love video games.  And kids with hearing loss seem to love them even more.  Why?  Because it’s a time to tune out, no listening required…a visual feast for the eyes.  And parents often feel that this is “down time” for their children.  They’ve listened so hard all day at school…right?

There was a recent study done that links video games with aggressive behavior.  I believe it!  There is an article written by gamers that don’t want this study to be taken seriously:

But you HAVE TO watch this NY Times video of the eyes of kids who are sucked into gaming.

Here’s a really disturbing picture that drives the whole concept home.  I know, I know…..this might be over the top.  But – it’s just one more thing us parents have to be aware of.  You can see where I stand on this subject.  I think parent often just don’t know what the kids are playing or what games they are borrowing from their friends at school.  One more area to draw a line in the sand.